An entry record contains the actual import data of interest. One entry record for each custom field.

A custom field entry record has a Record Type of 'S'.

Table 1. Entry record field definition
Col Field name Data type Description Required?
0 Record Type Text 'S' for subscription entry record Yes
1 USN Text The USN of the Subscription or Account for the custom field change Yes
2 AttributeTypeCode Text The code of the custom field to update  
3 Value Text Allowed values:
  • Text value
  • Account or Subscription ID (for reference type)
  • Database entry code (for database type)
4 Action Text Allowed values:
  • add—add a new uoAttribute with the existing AttributeTypeCode (from column 2). It will be used as default action if not specified.
  • removeAll—remove all uoAttribute with the existing AttributeTypeCode (from column 2)
  • replaceAll—do removeAll and then add action
No, defaults to add