Download rated activity statements

Activity statements, or CDRs, provide an itemised list of subscription usage over a period of time. For example, a rated activity statement for an ADSL subscription contains details of data downloads, data uploads and online time, and the charges associated with each billing item.

Downloading rated activity statements helps you track or estimate how much your customers spend in a given rating period. You can download rated activity statements after the pre-rating or rating process is complete.

The pre-rating process runs at intervals in open periods, and provides an indication of the value of subscription usage in the period to date. The rating engine runs at the end of the period; ratings produced by the rating engine do not change unless the period is reopened.

The following methods lets you download rated activity statements for a subscription:
  1. getRatingPeriods() returns a list of rating periods for a subscription.
  2. getRatingsForPeriod() downloads rated activity statements for a given rating period.
Note: To download the rated activity statements associated with an invoice, use getRatings() on the account endpoint.