Automating invoice generation

Smile is designed to generate invoices on a regular basis for recurring billing, typically on a monthly basis. These invoices will include recurring charges such as monthly plan charges, usage charges such as voice call charges or data usage charges, and deferred charges such as invoice items that had been left for billing in the next cycle.

The first stage of invoice generation is for Smile to process a billing period. Smile will prepare a draft invoice, also known as an open invoice, for approval. Additionally, the relevant billing period will be marked as in approval and any subsequently loaded usage data will be loaded to the next most appropriate open billing period.

Additional steps to complete processing include reviewing and approval of draft invoices, closing the invoices, updating account balances and closing the billing periods.

This document explains how the generation of invoices in Smile can be automated.

For more information on generating invoices, see the Smile User Guide.