Smileforce is a Salesforce app that can provide Salesforce users with a window into Smile.

This window is a read-only view of a Smile account’s state. State information that could be informative to sales staff. For example, “Before I visit this customer let me see how current their account is and what their recent spend history has been.”

The following screenshot displays an example of the Smileforce view of a Salesforce account. In this example it is in a section titled Smile – Billing Snapshot.

Figure: An example Smileforce view of a Salesforce account

Screenshot showing an example Smileforce view of a Salesforce account
All Smile data is current. The Smileforce view displays the following information:
The trial balance with the account’s current treatment level, or disposition. In this example it is Settled.
List of transactions against the account.
Graph showing invoice and payment history.

The data is displayed from Smile dynamically. This means that there is no Salesforce storage cost, but also that Salesforce cannot be used for reporting.

The Smile Account USN, which is installed as part of the Salesforce package, has to be loaded to the relevant Salesforce Account to direct Smileforce to the related Smile account.