Raise an adjustment

Raising an adjustment creates a transaction that changes the balance of an account. Use adjustments to correct an error in a closed invoice or to add a goodwill credit to a customer's account.

Adjustments appear in the Account History section and on customer statements.

Your Smile administrators can set limits on the adjustments you can raise. For example, an administrator may place a $100 limit on adjustments, or specify that you cannot change the automatically-calculated GST value of an adjustment.

The following table summarises when to raise each type of adjustment.

Table 1. Types of adjustments
Type Definition Assigned to Example use case
credit note An adjustment that adds a credit to an account. Single sales report category. Compensate a customer for an inconvenience.
debit note An adjustment that adds a debit to an account. Single sales report category. Correct an invoice that undercharged a customer.
itemised credit A credit note that contains an itemised list of charges within the credit. Each item can be assigned to a different sales report category. Track the items in a credit in separate sales report categories, for example, a refund and a goodwill credit.