Create a manual invoice

A manual invoice is a one-off invoice that is created by an operator to charge for products and services that are not included in the billing run. For example, you can create a manual invoice to charge a customer for consulting fees or an equipment sale.

This task explains how to create a manual invoice.

  1. Search for the account against which you want to raise the invoice, then double-click the account entry in the search results.
    The Account summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account menu, click New Invoice...
    A new invoice is added under Draft Transactions in the Account Menu Tree and the invoice page is displayed.
  3. Click Add item.
    A new item window is displayed.
  4. Select the subscription to raise the invoice against in the Service ID drop-down, and select the first invoice item in the Line item drop-down.
    To add an invoice item that is not listed in the Line item drop-down, click Search and select the invoice item in the Find Invoice Item window.
  5. Edit the information in the following fields as necessary:
    • Item text—Specifies the invoice item text that appears on the invoice.
    • Quantity—Specifies the number of instances of the invoice item.
    • Display rate—Specifies the rate displayed on the invoice.
    • Amount—Specifies the pre-GST rate for the invoice item.
    • Discount—Specifies the discount to apply to the invoice item.
    Note: You can only apply pre-configured discounts to an invoice item. Your Smile administrators configure the discounts you can apply.
  6. Click Save.
    The Draft Transaction page for the new invoice is displayed.
  7. (Optional) Make further changes to the invoice, as follows:
    • Change the dates in the Effective and Due fields to change the invoice's effective date and due date.
    • Click Add item to add another invoice item to the invoice.
  8. Click Save when the invoice is complete.
    The Close Invoice page is displayed.
  9. Do one of the following:
    • Click Issue the Invoice to close and issue the invoice. If automatic payments are configured for the account, Smile also schedules an automatic payment.
    • Click Leave Open to save the open invoice.
    • Click Raise Later to defer the invoice items. Smile adds these items to the next bulk invoice for the account.
    • Click Pay Immediately to close the invoice and enter a manual payment against the invoice.
    • Click Assign next to an open invoice to add the invoice items to the open invoice.
    Smile takes the required action. For more information about paying an invoice, see Enter a manual payment.