Add a purchase order

Purchase orders can be used to invoice an end-customer for related charges independently of other charges. For example, Smile can be instructed to generate an invoice for charges on purchase orders separate to other charges that would be raised on the end-customer's account.

Purchase order numbers can be assigned to an account and displayed on invoices and invoice line items so that customers' accounts payable departments can easily map invoices to purchase orders.

A purchase order can specify validity dates and the subscription(s) it is applicable to. A purchase order may be selected manually when raising a manual charge.

This task explains how to add a purchase order.

  1. Search for the account for which you want to add a purchase order, then double-click the account entry in the search results.
    The Account summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account Menu Tree, click the Disclosure triangle to the left of Account, then click Purchase Orders.
    The Purchase Orders page is displayed.
  3. Click New purchase order...
    The Add purchase order window is displayed.
  4. Type the purchase order number in the Number field.
  5. (Optional) Complete additional purchase order fields as required.
    • Start date—Specifies the date from which the purchase order is valid.
    • Expiry date—Specifies the date after which the purchase order is no longer valid.
    • Subscription—Specifies subscription(s) to which the purchase order applies. Select a subscription from the drop-down, click Add. Repeat to add multiple subscriptions.
    • Invoice charges for this purchase order separately from other charge—Specifies that charges covered by this purchase order are not combined with other charges.
  6. Click Save.
    The purchase order is added to the table on the Purchase Order page.