Change account type

Account types help you report on different groups of accounts in your company. For example, an organisation that owns several companies may have a different account type for each company, or your company may have different account types for GST exempt and non-GST exempt accounts.

Account types apply to some financial and credit control reports, including the sales report, trial balance report and aged debtors report. You choose the account type to report on when you generate the report, or you can generate a report for all account types.

An account's account type is defined in the package you use to order the account. You can change this default account type after the account is created.

Note: For more information about the sales report, trial balance report and aged debtors report, see Revenue reports.

This task explains how to change an account type.

  1. Search for the account for which you want to change the account type, then double-click the account entry in the search results.
    The Account summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account Menu Tree, click the Disclosure triangle to the left of Account, then click Contact Details.
    The Contact Details page is displayed.
  3. Select the new account type from the Account type drop-down and click Save at the bottom of the page.
    Smile changes the account type.