Change the default payment method

Smile uses the default payment method to process scheduled payments. You can change the default payment method entirely or update the existing method, for example, update the expiry date of a credit card.

Note: For information about how to set up automatic notifications for expiring credit cards, see the Configuration Guide.

This task explains how to change the default payment method.

  1. Search for the account for which you want to change the payment method, then double-click the account entry in the search results.
    The Account summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account Menu Tree, click the Disclosure triangle to the left of Account, then click Payment Settings.
    The Payment Settings page is displayed. This page lists the current payment method and the status of all attempted and pending payments for the account.
  3. Click Change.
    The Banking details window is displayed.
  4. Select the new payment type from the Payment type drop-down and update the required payment information.
    Smile displays different fields for each payment type, for example, account name, account number and BSB fields for direct debit payments.
  5. Choose one of the following automatic payment behaviours:
    • No Auto Payment—Smile never schedules automatic payments for this account.
    • Schedule Payment of Invoice Amount—Smile schedules an automatic payment for the invoice value after a bulk invoice is generated.
    • Schedule Payment of Account Balance—Smile schedules an automatic payment for the value of the account balance after a bulk invoice is generated.
    • Use Account Terms—Smile uses the payment behaviour defined in the account terms.
  6. Click Save.
    If the account has pending payments that are affected by the changed payment details, the Banking details have changed page appears.
  7. Select the action to apply to pending payments and click Done.
    Smile changes the default payment method and returns to the Payment Settings page.