The Activity page

The Activity page provides a summary of the data a subscription uses in a rating period. If the subscription is currently logged in, the Activity page also provides a summary of the current session.

The following screenshot shows you an example of the Activity page.

Figure: The Activity page

The screenshot shows the Activity page.

Green text at the top of the page highlights that a customer is currently using the subscription. Click Details in the Current Connections section to view more information about the current session.

Tip: To view information about all current sessions, click Online Now on the Dashboard.

Double-click a rating period entry in the Activity table to view the period usage information chart.

Period usage information chart

The period usage information chart displays a graph of the subscription's usage throughout the rating period. The chart can display usage by Uploads, Downloads or Combined data.

By default data for All dates for the period is displayed in the graph. If you select a specific date from the Date drop-down, Smile displays an hourly usage graph for that day.

On the Account Menu Tree two sub-menu entries are displayed under the period entry, Usage Alert Group Activity and the Billable Items.

Usage Alert Group Activity

The Usage Alert Group Activity page displays usage alert group totals for the period being viewed. Click View beside a usage alert group entry to display usage details.

Figure: Usage Alert Group Activity page

The screenshot shows the Usage Alert Group Activity page.

Billable Items

The Billable Items page provides summaries of the overall usage for the period and the usage on each day. The following screenshot show you an example of the Billable Items page.

Figure: The Billable Items page

The screenshot shows the Billable Items page.

The section at the top of the page provides a usage summary for the period to date.

Tip: If you change a customer's plan or tariffs, click Re-Rate to re-rate any existing usage with the new charging rates. Re-rating the usage helps you review the effect of plan changes and check that any corrections you make to a plan give the expected results. Re-rating is only available for open billing periods.
Note: If a billing period is open and Smile is not configured for pre-rating or Real Time Rating, some columns such as Charge will be empty. They will be filled in by Smile when the invoice for the period is approved. When you click Re-Rate Smile will temporarily calculate and display data for these columns. Smile will recalculate the data when the billing period is approved.

Click View next to a date in the Daily Usage section to view information about each data session on that day.