Bar a subscription

Barring a subscription blocks a customer's access to a subscription. Smile continues to charge recurring charges while the subscription is barred.

For example, if a customer does not pay an invoice, you can bar their access to a subscription until the invoice is paid. Barring ensures the customer cannot use the subscription, but also ensures that you continue to charge any monthly access fees for the subscription.

If configured to do so, Smile may bar a subscription when it takes credit control actions against an overdue account.

This task explains how to bar a subscription.

  1. Search for the subscription that you want to bar, then double-click the subscription entry in the search results.
    The subscription's summary page is displayed.
  2. Click Bar service.
    The Bar service window is displayed.
  3. Select the start time in the Bar subscription from drop-down, and if necessary enter the start date in the Bar start date field.
  4. (Optional) Select the end time in the Automatically unbar subscription from drop-down, and if necessary enter the end date in the Bar end date field.
  5. (Optional) Type the reason why you barred the subscription in the Comments field.
  6. Click Bar subscription.
    Smile bars the subscription.

After you bar a subscription, Smile adds the following graphic to the subscription's subscription's summary page.