The Events page

An event is an action or other change that occurs on a subscription. Viewing events lets you check when an action occurred on a subscription and helps you answer customer enquiries and troubleshoot problems.

The Events page (or subscription log) displays information about subscription events, for example:
  • barring and locking
  • shaping
  • plan changes
  • provisioning
  • authentication errors due to an incorrect password
  • prepaid usage
  • any other changes made by an operator

The Events page does not display authentication errors due to incorrect usernames, because Smile cannot match an incorrect username to a subscription.

The following screenshot shows you an example of the Events page.

Figure: The Events page

The screenshot shows the Events page.
To filter the events that are displayed, do one of the following:
  • Enter a keyword in the Search field to display events that contain the keyword.
  • Enter a date in the From Date field to display events that occurred on and after that date.

Click View next to an event to view detailed information about the event.