Lock a subscription

Locking a subscription stops a customer's access to the subscription. Smile does not raise recurring charges while the subscription is locked. For example, you can lock a subscription if a customer is going on holiday and wants to pause their subscription while they are away.

Note: You cannot lock a subscription that is under contract.

This task explains how to lock a subscription.

  1. Search for the subscription that you want to lock, then double-click the subscription entry in the search results.
    The subscription's summary page is displayed.
  2. Click Lock Service.
    The Lock service window is displayed.
  3. Select the start time from the Lock user from drop-down, and if necessary enter the lock date and time in the Lock start date and Lock start time fields.
  4. (Optional) Type the reason why you locked the subscription in the Comments field.
  5. Click Lock Service.
    Smile locks the subscription.

After you lock a subscription, Smile adds the following graphic to the subscription's subscription's summary page.