View subscription activity

Viewing subscription activity helps you resolve disputed invoices and charges, answer customer queries and troubleshoot problems. You can view a subscription's usage data or events.

For example, view usage data when you need to:
  • review the charge for a call or data session
  • make usage unchargeable
  • check that usage data was correctly imported
View events when you need to check actions such as:
  • shaping or unshaping
  • authentication errors due to an incorrect password
  • prepaid usage

This task explains how to view subscription activity, including usage data and events.

  1. Search for the subscription for which you want to view usage, then double-click the subscription entry in the search results.
    The subscription's summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account Menu Tree, click the Disclosure triangle to the left of the subscription entry to view sub-menu entries. Do one of the following:
    • To view usage data for telephony subscriptions, click Calls.
    • To view usage data for data subscriptions, click Activity.
    • To view events, click Events.