View unbilled charges

Viewing unbilled charges lets you check the value of:
  • usage charges in the current rating period
  • recurring charges and deferred charges for future rating periods

When you view unbilled charges, Smile generates a future invoice for a specified rating period. A future invoice assumes that all previous future invoice periods have been invoiced. Only the recurring and deferred charges for a specific invoice period are included in the future invoice for that period. Smile does not add future invoices to the account balance.

This task explains how to view unbilled charges for a subscription.

  1. Search for the subscription for which you want to view unbilled charges, then double-click the subscription entry in the search results.
    The subscription's summary page is displayed.
  2. Click Future Billing.
    The Future invoices window is displayed and lists the value of each future invoice.
  3. Click View next to an invoice to view the charges on that invoice.
    Note: To view usage charges for the current period, click View next to the first invoice in the list.