Smile scheduled payment file processing

Smile supports the ability to export scheduled payments through Smile's payment batch system into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, and import another CSV file containing associated payment responses.

Accessing the exported payment file makes it possible to reformat the data to suit an external payment system such as a bank browser-based interface. The external system may generate a response file listing accepted and declined payments. If this file can be reformatted to match the import format described in this document it can be loaded directly to Smile to receipt or decline the payments previously scheduled.

When importing, If Smile encounters a payment that already has a result, and the imported result is contrary, then the existing payment will be reversed and a new payment with the new result will be created.

Smile requires a payment handler definition configured to support this process. Payment handlers and gateways manage advanced configuration of the behaviour of payment types. For more information, contact Inomial.