Credit control

Credit control specifies the configuration of accounting terms and treatment levels.
Accounting terms
Specifies a set of credit control rules that determine when an account is overdue.
Note: An account is associated with one set of accounting terms. For example, accounts can have different credit control rules such as 7 days terms or 30 day terms.
Treatment level
Specifies a credit control status or level. For example, the sequence of treatment levels used in this guide are:
  • Settled—the account is up-to-date
  • 1 Reminder (+1)—the account is overdue by 1 day
  • 2 Reminder (+14)—the account is overdue by 14 days
  • 3 Call/Warn (+21)—the account is overdue by 21 days
  • 4 Final (+28)—the account is overdue by 28 days
  • Suspended—services on the account have been barred  
Treatment levels are defined for use by all accounting terms. Not all levels have to be used in a credit control process.