Smile dispatch troubleshooting

Amongst other things email is often used for delivering invoices. However, email is not a guaranteed delivery channel. Whilst it generally works for most of us, emails can fail or be blocked due to a variety of causes, such as network failures, black listing, incorrectly entered addresses, spam filtering, exceeded mailbox capacities or lack of server availability. Some obstacles are beyond the control of the sender, but you can still take steps to ensure your emails have the best chance of delivery.

Generally email works well. However, you may discover on occasion that your customers report that they fail to receive an email sent by Smile. This document provides some suggestions so you can confirm your email dispatches are being created and sent at your end of the delivery system.

Note: Hosted Smile Pro customers' outgoing emails are relayed via Inomial mail servers by default, unless configured otherwise. Therefore some issues such as server blacklisting will be managed by Inomial.