Resolve billing run errors

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Billing run errors occur when Smile cannot raise a charge for usage data. Common billing run errors include:
  • a call destination does not have an associated prefix or tariff type, so Smile cannot rate the call
  • a plan start date is incorrect, and usage has occurred before the plan starts
  • no plan rule applies to usage, for example, no plan rule is defined for usage after included value is consumed

This task explains how to investigate billing run errors.

  1. On the Generate Invoices page, click Errors next to the billing run you want to investigate.
    The Billing Run Errors page appears and displays the list of errors.
  2. Use the information in the Error column to resolve each error. For more information about each error, do the following:
    1. Click View User next to the error message.
      The subscription's summary page is displayed.
    2. On the Account Menu Tree, click the Disclosure triangle to the left of the subscription entry to expand the subscription options, then click Calls or Activity, then click View next to the invoicing period with the error.
    3. Click Re-rate.
      Smile re-rates the invoicing period and provides information about the billing run error.
  3. After you have resolved all errors, return to the Generate Invoices page and click Process.
    Smile processes the corrected invoicing periods. Note that the number of errors in the Errors column does not change until after a billing run is reprocessed.

Smile detects only the first error in an account's invoicing period each time it processes the billing run. If an invoicing period contains multiple errors, you must process the billing run several times before all errors are detected and resolved.