Enter a manual payment

A manual payment is a payment than an operator enters into Smile. For example, an operator enters a manual payment when a customer wants to pay an invoice over the phone with a credit card, or when a customer makes a cash payment at a retail shop.

Note: For information about how to enter a payment for a payment plan, see Enter a payment plan payment.

This task explains how to enter a manual payment.

  1. Search for the account to enter the payment against, then double-click account entry in the search results.
    The Account summary page is displayed.
  2. On the Account menu, click New Payment...
    A New Payment page is displayed.
  3. Select the payment type in the Payment type drop-down.
  4. Enter the required payment information. Smile displays different fields for each payment type, for example, credit card number and expiry date fields for credit card payments.
    The value in the Amount field defaults to the account balance. If a surcharge applies to the payment type, the Show surcharge link is displayed next to the Amount field.
  5. Click Pay.
    The Allocate Receipt page appears and displays a list of outstanding debits. If the payment is declined by the payment provider, Smile displays an error.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Click Allocate next to a debit entry to allocate the payment to that debit.
    • Click Auto Allocate to allocate the payment to the oldest unpaid debit.
    • Click Don't Allocate to skip this step.
    Smile performs the action and returns to the search results.